January puts the spotlight on LI-MA's partner project Media Art on Wikipedia Read more
Four brand new works from the LI-MA collection will premiere at the International Film Festival Rotterdam which takes place between Wednesday, 25 January to Sunday, 5 February 2023. Read more
First announcement of 10 Year Anniversary Programme including screenings, symposium, workshops, launches and more. Read more
LIMA is closed for the holidays! Read more
LIMA had the pleasure of attending and participating in the Sustaining Art: People, Practice, Planet in Contemporary Art Conservation conference, which was held in a hybrid format with in-person events taking place in Dundee, Scotland from 9 to 11 November. Read more
As a partner of MOKER / P_Oi, the platform for presentation and development institutions in Amsterdam, LIMA looks forward to attending and is inviting you to the symposium! Read more
Image credit: Cat Royale, Blast Theory, 2022
We are excited to announce the next Transformation Digital Art symposium will be taking place on 16 & 17 March 2023 at LIMA! Read more
Every year, the first Thursday of November is dedicated to the importance of digital preservation around the globe. Read more
LIMA commissioned composer and multidisciplinary artist Zeno van den Broek to develop a new media art installation combining text, sound, moving image and AI. How do ubiquitous screens affect our spatial perception? Read more
Do you want to learn the ins and outs of writing for Wikipedia? We’ll teach you how it works! Join our free writing workshops and contribute to the visibility of media artists. With every session, we pick a new theme to work with. Read more