LIMA is proud to announce the dates for Transformation Digital Art Symposium 2021, which takes place online on March 24, 25 & 26 2021. The Transformation Digital Art symposium is designed as an opportunity to share best practices concerning both artist-led and institutional strategies geared towards the future presentation of born-digital and software-based art. This year the focus of the symposium will be on Documenting Digital Art. Read more
For the final event of this Cultural Matter season, we are pleased to announce a talk between the artists Jeremy Bailey and Rafaël Rozendaal. They will engage in a conversation about residencies and the site specificity of internet art. Read more

The final edition of Cultural Matter will focus on Jeremy Bailey’s The You Museum, an evenly utopic as dystopian, but always humorous, personalised online museum. The project critically reflects on consumerism on the web and the perversity of the art market by playfully infiltrating the structures of the first, and mimicking the ones of the other. The project was developed during Bailey’s residency at ...Read more

LIMA is organizing a series of screenings together with Filmtheater Kriterion. The programme will be streamed from the cinema room. Each screening will be followed by a Q&A with one of the presented artists, curator Sanneke Huisman and the online audience. Read more
21/11/2020 to 18/04/2021Distribution
We are excited about the exhibition of ULAY’s work ‘Ulay Was Here’, which will kick off at the Stedelijk Museum on Saturday, 21 November. We hope that museums can safely welcome visitors by then again. The exhibition is the largest reflection on his avant-garde body of work in polaroid photography and performance art, marking the first posthumous solo exhibition of Ulay, who sadly passed away in March this year. Read more
Collaborative Experimental Publishing as Art Preservation Strategy. Conservation of online artworks asks for new ways of documenting. In 2019 LIMA invited Aymeric Mansoux (Artist/Researcher), Julie Boschat Thorez (Artist/Researcher) and Dušan Barok (Artist/Researcher) to research the presentation strategy and future mediation of Naked on Pluto. Read more

LIMA Online: Cultural Matter: João Laia in conversation with Amalia Ulman
Wednesday 28 October, 20h00 CET, online
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Cultural Matter: João Laia in conversation with Amalia Ulman

Amalia Ulman will be back for another talk, this time with João Laia, chief curator of exhibitions at the Museum of...Read more

Cultural Matter: Amalia Ulman

In 2014, Amalia Ulman created an international furore with her (secret) Instagram performance Excellences and Perfections about a girl trying to make it in Los Angeles. Instagram followers watched Ulman's story unfold until it culminated in a (fake) breast augmentation and a public apology. After a period of five months, when she had amassed almost 90,000 followers, Ulman announced that it had been a performance all along. The last post...Read more

The lockdown has changed the way people move around the city. This change is the object of the study of the workshop programme The City as Performative Object. During the various online workshop sessions with a focus on Amsterdam, the following question will be addressed and explored through artistic practical experiments (indoors and outdoors on the street, individually or in duos or trios): is our environment determined by the movements of ourselves and things around us? Participants can join through fieldwork both indoors and outdoors and will in any case strictly adhere to the RIVM guidelines. These guidelines form the core of the research: what influence do those have on the mobility and performativity of (urban) space? Read more

During the closure of our exhibitions and restrictions on events due to COVID-19, we are moving more of our program online. From April 1 on we will host programme's with online content, live talks or digital tours. Please follow us on Facebook or Instagram and subscribe to our YouTube channel for updates. 
...Read more