Public Launch: A Brand New Media Art Blog

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Public launch: a brand new Media Art Blog featuring media artists and their works.

Today, LI-MA launches a brand new Media Art Blog brimming with articles, interviews and stories about media artists and their works. Plunge into a captivating journey behind the new work of emerging artist Tali Liberman and Natalia Jordanova from the LI-MA collection told by guest curator and writer Ive Stevenheydens. Among other such stories, the blog presents an open invitation to wander through video fragments, read articles and interviews while tipping off podcasts and exhibitions in the field of media art. The agenda provides an overview of current exhibitions and activities.

Image Credit: Tali Liberman, Unrendered Road, 2021

Together with partners, LI-MA hopes to spark greater interest in media artists, their works and life stories. The Blog resembles an online magazine where new content is published regularly. It is linked to, the online media art catalog for professionals, containing the complete media art collections of the project partners. This link allows you to watch media art on demand within the Blog whilst discovering new artists.

Discover the new Media Art Blog HERE.

Boegel & Holtappels, Atmung 3, 1976

Exhibition series: Part One of Many Parts - Looking at VIdeo Art - West x LI-MA

Tomorrow we welcome you to the opening of the exhibition Part One of Many Parts - Looking at Video Art — West x LI-MA. This is the first exhibition of a series that LI-MA is co-organising with exhibition, performance and research space West in The Hague. This first edition, reflecting the possibilities of media art is on show from 27 January to 12 March, 2023. The selected video works show the power of collaboration with works made by artist duos between 1970s and now and includes a selection of five artworks from the LI-MA collection, featuring works by Boegel & HoltappelsSluik/Kurpershoek and Yin-Ju Chen & James T. Hong, amongst others. With this presentation, West x LI-MA give attention to an art form where time and zeitgeist play a central role, and invites the visitor for reflection.

Expertmeeting: 'Online collections and online audiences'

On Friday 20 January, specialists from the museum and heritage field gathered at LI-MA for the expert meeting 'Online collections and online audiences'. The inspirational guest speakers were Michelle Boon (Linked Open Data Project Leader at Het Nieuwe Instituut) and Donna Verheijden (artist, designer, filmmaker).

The point of departure for the expert meeting was the research of the same name that Rosa Mulder (Art Historian, Researcher and Writer) carried out on behalf of LI-MA, together with Gaby Wijers (Director of LIMA) and Sanneke Huisman (Project Leader Media art on Wikipedia). To this end, they spoke with project partners Stedelijk Museum AmsterdamVan AbbemuseumFrans Hals Museum, the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands (RCE), NDE (The Dutch Digital Heritage Network) and DEN (Knowledge Institute Culture & Digital Transformation).

Donna Verheijden, Building the Visual Mind, 2021

The program of the day focused on two prominent themes from the research: the status quo and future possibilities of opening up collection data as Linked Open Data (LOD) and the use of collections and archives to tell new stories for different target groups. In two working sessions, the participants shared and discussed their issues and challenges and reflected on possible future scenarios.

With her presentation A practical implementation of Linked Open Data, Michelle Boon shared both the basic knowledge about LOD and possible joint roadmaps to make Dutch collections LOD-ready. Donna Verheijden shared how she developed new stories and new artistic formats from gems of the archive and the collection of Het Nieuwe Instituut for her exhibition Building the Visual Mind.

Would you like to read the substantive report of the Expert Meeting? Send an email to: with the subject 'Expert meeting 20.01.2023'.

If you want to know more about the Media Art project on Wikipedia, click on this LINK! If you are curious, like to write and want to become part of the project: keep an eye on our CALENDAR and register for one (or more!) of the writing sessions that we will organise throughout 2023.