Screening I am a tool of gentrification by Lyubov Matyunina

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LIMA and TAAK are happy to invite you to the screening of Lyubov Matyunina's I am a tool of gentrification: Noord. In the eight years that she lived in Amsterdam, Matyunina (1985 Kaliningrad, Russia) observed how the city changed from culturally-oriented to market-driven. She noted that artists often play a central role in gentrification processes but eventually have to clear the field. Could artists also permanently fulfill social functions in neighbourhoods, she wonders. And, could city development not only be profitable to the market, but also to the creative sector? These questions form the starting point for a series of experimental documentaries in different parts of Amsterdam in which Lyubov Matyunina investigates the complexity of gentrification, but also speculates on positive alternatives for the art and artists. 

In I am a tool of gentrification. Noord, concepts of anti-squat, squatting, and artist-run spaces unfold. This edition is realised in collaboration with DOP: Konstantin Guz. Tap dance performance: Doortje Peters; drumming and skating: Kevin Schuit & Efrem Angela; music: Matthias Ingiberg Sigurðsson; sound mixing: Mert Gençer.

Screening I am a tool of gentrification by Lyubov Matyunina
Saturday 9 March
Ongoing screening from 17.00, performance at 19.00
Plan B Amsterdam, Hamerstraat 22

Social Capital
This project is part of Social Capital, an idea from TAAK and LIMA that has become a multi-year art programme by TAAK. Within this programme, artists are being invited to critically reflect on the rapidly changing city and to negotiate new relationships between art, local networks and heritage.

The edition Social Capital - West starts at the end of May.

Social Capital was realised with the financial support of Mondriaan Fonds, Amsterdam Fonds voor de kunst, and Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Noord-Holland.