UNFOLD: Writing the Light Nan Hoover Re-interpretation

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This event is part of UNFOLD: Nan Hoover on Wednesday, 19 May, 2021.

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For this year’s edition of UNFOLD: Nan Hoover, we have once again invited students of the Gerrit Rietveld Academie (DOGtime) to research and think up the re-interpretation of a work by the artist Nan Hoover. 

Set within the framework of a media theoretical course on Forensic Aesthetics, the students were asked to research a variety of possible aspects that the re-interpretation of earlier art works, especially the ones made with outdated or obsolete media, bring about. These aspects range from the analysis of the materiality of mediation, to questions about (dis)embodiment, to changes in the sensorium due to medial interventions, to the media archeological analysis of dominant medial regimes, to the artistic tactical attitudes to subvert or appropriate these medial set-ups (dispositifs). At UNFOLD: Nan Hoover, this research materializes in the re-interpretation of an existing media art work. 

As an experimental element in the program, these exercises function as an inspirational catalyst to pressing questions and dilemmas in thinking about the practice of re-interpretation (re-performance) of works to have a better understanding of these works and their preservation - and possibly new contexts of their presence.

Participating students : Alla Amma, Britt Geerdink, Mieke de Roo & Emily Bernstein, Giulia Capineri, Cassandra Dinah de Giorgi, Nicolas Dagieu, Noel S. Keulen, Martijn Janssen, Marjolijn Houdijk. Supervisor / tutor: Willem van Weelden

UNFOLD Artwork by Bin Koh. Image Bellie Meets Fuji by Britt Geerdink.

This event is supported by the Mondriaan Fonds.