Workshops for (media) Art Lovers and/or Writing Enthusiasts

29/05/2021 to 12/06/2021
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Workshops on Saturday, May 29 from 13h00-15h00 CET and on Saturday, June 12 from 13h00-16h00 CET via Zoom. Please read all the information below and click here to sign up for the workshops.

Online workshops for (media) art lovers and/or writing enthusiasts

To increase the visibility of female media artists, we are looking for inspired writers to participate in the ‘Media art on Wikipedia’ project! 

With this project, that will take four years, our goal is to make information about media art more accessible. We will reach this goal by using the online catalogue, as well as Wikipedia, to distribute information about media art. 
Therefore, we are organizing workshops. The classes are set up by LIMA, the Dutch Cultural Heritage Agency and Wikimedia the Netherlands. During two classes, you will write Wikipedia-articles about female media artists like Nan Hoover, Lydia Schouten, Yvonne Oerlemans and many more. You will do this together with other writers. To date, there is too little accessible information about these female creatives; obviously, this needs to change! So do you want to (learn how to) write as a Wikipedian and help increase the visibility of female media artists at the same time? Then enroll for the online workshops! 

The workshops will take place via Zoom on Saturday, May 29 from 13h00 CET till 15h00 CET and on Saturday, June 12 from 13h00 till 16h00 CET. On May 29, the session will serve as an introduction to the project, the artists and Wikipedia. After this, you are free to choose your favorite artist to write your article about. During the session on June 12 you will get to write your own Wikipedia-article!


Through, LIMA has made media art from museums online accessible for the public. acts as a shared online catalogue for media art from some of the most important Dutch art collections amongst which the Van Abbemuseum, the Dutch Cultural Heritage Agency and the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam and LIMA. This is the first time that this many media artworks are shown in the same place. With this unique initiative, LIMA realizes more visibility and more (sustainable) accessibility of media-art from Dutch collections. To serve an even broader audience and to really get outside the walls of the museum, LIMA and the museums are currently working towards a new, public-friendlier version of the catalogue. 

The collaboration between Wikipedia and
One part of the new catalogue is a collaboration between the participating institutions to exchange and generate information. By linking data from writers to Wikimedia-projects, we can use worldwide knowledge and spread the information about media-art to a broad audience. The Dutch Cultural Heritage Agency is the first partner to organize a workshop. This class will focus specifically on female media artists. In the coming months, the Van Abbemuseum and Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam will help organize workshops revolving around other themes and research areas. All workshops serve the same purpose: increasing media-art’s online visibility.

Linking artist-data
All of the works that are included in are already provided with factual data and a description. However, good, up-to-date biographies are generally missing. Linking the online catalogue and Wikipedia together will change this. Biographies of media- and video-artists that are already on Wikipedia will become ‘links’ in the catalogue. Besides that, we will write the biographies that are missing on Wikipedia. This is where the workshops come in! 
As soon as these biographies are placed online (and are made visible on as well as on Wikipedia), they will be regularly updated by the Wikipedia-community. This way, the biographies in will stay up-to-date; vice versa, the project enriches Wikipedia – and therefore the collective memory – with information on media-artists. 

Did we catch your interest? Then apply for one of the workshops! 
* Please let us know if you want to participate but are unavailable on the current dates; there will follow more workshops later this year! 

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Image: Lydia Schouten, Songs of Innocence, 1997, 25'16'' 
Lydia Schouten will be one of the amazing female artists in focus during the workshops!