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Sanneke Huisman03/06/2014General

Cinema revisited: form follows fiction in three chapters:
Found footage, staged reality and Disney’s claim to reality

Op dinsdag 3 juni opent Bart Rutten (conservator bij het Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam)  'De LIMA Collectie', een avondprogramma waarin curatoren lijnen trekken door zowel onze collectie als de geschiedenis van mediakunst.

Mediakunst, en videokunst in het...Read more

Still from the Talking Back to the Media broadcast on Kabeltelevisie Amsterdam, 10 november 1985
Camie Karstanje22/04/2014Distribution

Still from the Talking Back to the Media broadcast on Kabeltelevisie Amsterdam, 10 november 1985

David Garcia: The basis of the experiment was: Can you produce an event for a city where all the basic platforms of mass media are combined so that the artist's media-presence has an equivalent  impact to  corporate and state media?'

As one of the initiators and together with Raul Marroquin the co-creator of the concept, David...Read more

Poster made by Klaus Staeck commissioned by Talking Back to the Media, 1985.
Camie Karstanje08/04/2014Preservation

Poster made by Klaus Staeck commisioned by Talking Back to the Media, 1985

In December 2013, Rob Perrée, author and art historian, visits de Appel Arts Centre to talk with us about his experiences with Talking Back to the Media. Talking Back to the Media was a manifestation that took place in Amsterdam during november 1985. It focussed on the media and its influence and how artist reacted to this influence. Rob Perrée helped organising the...Read more

Sanneke Huisman01/03/2014Distribution
Brigitte Bélanger16/02/2014Preservation

From September to November 2013, we have searched the archives of de Appel arts centre and LIMA for material of Talking Back to the Media. At LIMA, we found a box with about ten video tapes from U-matic and VHS to Hi8, with most of the hours of the local cable television broadcasts. At de Appel we found the press release and everything what was contained in the press kit: a lot of information about the artists and the program, correspondence of the organisation with the participating...Read more

Brigitte Bélanger14/02/2014Preservation

In the context of our research on Talking Back to the Media, we - Camie and Brigitte - visited Raul Marroquin in his house in Amsterdam. In turned out to be fragmented talk, with an enthusiastic but messy Raul – who managed to talk, show archival material, prepare lunch and smoke herbal cigarettes at the same time.

Raul Marroquin: 'I must confess I don't remember many things from 1985. When you called me I looked back in the magazine from TBTTM which I didn't see for twenty years....Read more


Almost a year ago LIMA, the international platform for media, was founded. It has been an eventful year in which we have taken our position in the changing landscape of media art and digital culture. Aside from a number of new projects we are working on, our new website – including a new catalogue – is about to be launched. We are hereby inviting you on Tuesday December 17 to celebrate our one year anniversary and the launching of the...Read more


As of January 6, 2014, the workshop Preservation and Restoration of New Media Art will be held in the Sustainability Lab of LIMA, Arie Biemondstraat 111, Amsterdam. Students and professionals research three case studies led by LIMA (Gaby Wijers, Ivo van Stiphout, Wiel Seuskens) and Ellen Jansen, Lecturer in Conservation and Restoration of Modern and Contemporary Art. During a month, the students will document all the aspects of the artworks, and will research the technological,...Read more

Sanneke Huisman27/11/2013Catalogue

On November 30th and December 1st, the Rijksakademie van Beeldende Kunsten Amsterdam opens its doors to the public. During one weekend a year, people can have a look at the work and studio's of the current residents. The collection of LIMA contains a large number of works by former residents of the post graduate institute, of which we would like...Read more

Camie Karstanje27/11/2013General

In september 2013 LIMA and de Appel Arts Centre started with the archiving and conservation of the '85 manifest Talking Back to the Media.

Talking Back to the Media was a concept by David Garcia and Raul Marroquin and took place in Amsterdam in november 1985. The aim of Talking Back tot the Media was to show...Read more