Conversation on Conservation: Naked on Pluto

Naked on Pluto: When Documenting and Archiving the Past Allows for a Better Understanding of the Present
Aymeric Mansoux (Artist/Researcher)
Julie Boschat Thorez (Artist/Researcher)

In a conversation on conservation Aymeric Mansoux (artist/researcher) and Julie Boschat Thorez (artist/research), talked about the artwork Naked on Pluto (2010), a Multiplayer Text Adventure on Facebook, by Dave Griffiths, Aymeric Mansoux and Marloes de Valk. The work reflects on the invasive means used in the social networks through this kind of online games, raising awareness of our private data sharing when we subscribe to a Facebook online game. Since 2015 the game doesn’t work and is not accessible anymore. Restoration of the work it will change its meaning since it is contingent to a social network. Interviews and other information about the project will be revisited and this is a form of activation of the archive. In collaboration with LIMA, Aymeric Mansoux will reframe (the conservation of) Naked on Pluto. Can we preserve the discourse of the work in general? What are the alternatives to recycle or disappearance of the work?