Cultural Matter: Willem van Weelden on UBERMORGEN (Pt. II)

On Friday, November 3, Willem van Weelden will give a lecture within the framework of Cultural Matter. UBERMORGEN's work and exhibition Chinese Gold, will be the starting point. Van Weelden will dig into the (hidden) histories of the artist duo. Can the work be analysed from an art historical perspective? Or does that do more harm than good? Van Weelden's reading of UBERMORGEN is as controversial as the duo itself. Think art, politics, discussions and anecdotes!
On the speaker
Willem van Weelden has a background in social philosophy and visual art. From 1990 onwards, he specialised in new media - and has published on this topic in various magazines and catalogues.
On the artist
UBERMORGEN is a well-known artist duo working in the field of digital art. The work is a pastiche of software-based art, conceptual art, photography and installation. With both dark humour and activism, the duo reveals the inside and downside of a post-truth society. At LIMA, the work Chinese Gold is researched, exhibited and discussed. Investigating the phenomenon of Gold mining within World of Warcraft, Chinese Gold revolves around a partly fictive research into the socio-economic impact of virtual currencies.
On Cultural Matter
In a series of presentations, screening and talks LIMA provides a platform for the international discussion of digital art and aims to develop new strategies for the presentation and preservation of these artworks.
Lecture by Willem van Weelden
November 3, 8.30 PM
7,50 / 5
Attend the Facebook event here.
Exhibition - Chinese Gold
September 27 - November 8
LIMA (in the basement of LAB111)
Entrance is free

Photo's by Jose Miguel Biscaya.


This programme is supported by the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, the Democracy & Media Foundation, AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts) and the Mondriaan Fund.