LIMA Online

We are happy to present to you our LIMA Online series.  

LIMA Online is an online weekly programme consisting of lectures, art works and current debate, where artists and the public are invited to engage in dialogue. Occuring every Wednesday at 20h00 CET, the series of events reflect on the position of (media) art and technology in society today - and combines this actuality with historical awareness or reflection. LIMA Online also invites artists to speak about their personal research, and combines this with works from the LIMA collection that relate this research often with a thematic approach. LIMA Online opens the platform to a wider, international/global audience.


Upcoming Events:

Wednesday 20 January 19h30 CET: LIMA Online: Who's Space? 

Wednesday, 27 January 20h00 CET: Cultural Matter Opening - Jeremy Bailey's The You Museum. 

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