LIMA presents: Jan Robert Leegte

Sanneke Huisman

LIMA is proud to announce the launch of the second commissioned work based on its vast collection of over 2,000 media artworks. After the realisation of 'For Preview Only' by Jonas Lund, LIMA has invited the Internet artist Jan Robert Leegte to produce the second work. In this series, with the LIMA collection as starting point, artists are confronted with an enormous amount of artworks, meta data and online material, and are asked to generate a new work of art that uses or relates to this data – and media art history.

Jan Robert Leegte responded with no less than two websites. Leegte: “For the ‘Collection' commission of LIMA, I made two related web-based works. To start with I wanted to oppose to the previous commissioned work by Jonas Lund in which he compressed all the videos into a single 24 hour video. I was interested in using the interface of the works in the database, to capture the collection in a single frame. For the work I scraped all meta data of the collection from the LIMA site, after which I instructed the works to be ordered by title length and displayed as hyperlinks to the actual works online.
As a variation on this idea I was curious to instruct the collection of works to perform the act of trying to order themselves by title length. By placing the hyperlinks head-on in a 'wind' of random noise, the collection is confronted with the impossibility of ordering itself, perpetually performing a dance of self-organisation.”

The work will be launched on Wednesday, October 19th in the presence of the artist and fellow-artist Constant Dullaart.