Jonas Lund 24 hours at LIMA

03/02/2016 to 04/02/2016
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LIMA and the artist Jonas Lund are proud to present For Preview Only, a 24-hour piece based on the collection of LIMA. The 'For Preview Only'-files of 2336 works and 463,8 hours of art have been appropriated by the artist and brought together in a 24-hour (online) piece. 

The launch and screening of the work For Preview Only will take place on Wednesday, February 3 from 3 PM at LIMA/LAB111 in the presence of the artist, followed by a day and night full of media art, talks, presentations and other interventions until 3 AM!

Jonas Lund, 'For Preview Only'
Wednesday, February 3: 3 PM until Thursday, February 4: 3 AM

LIMA, Arie Biemondstraat 111, Amsterdam
Entrance: 5 euros

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