We are looking for tech watchers

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Are you a tech watcher and want to work on one of our freelance assignments?

Within the Digital Heritage Network, the Preservation Watch network group (which LIMA is part of) monitors technological developments. In order to take further steps in this regard, we are looking for one or more (freelance) tech watchers or agencies that can do a research assignment in the field of storage and/or file formats.

It concerns two research assignments. The first assignment researches the evaluation of existing and innovative storage techniques as glass, tape, DNA and object storage. The evaluation criteria, the so-called Digital Preservation Storage Criteria, are also examined in the study. The second assignment concerns an analysis of the file format life cycle and the delivery of a working research model for the monitoring of file formats.

A description of the assignments can be found in the file folder of the KIA knowledge platform Preservation by clicking here and find the detailed description in PDF format by clicking here. The descriptions are both in Dutch.

If you are interested in one of the assignments, please contact Tamara van Zwol. We would like to receive your response no later than Wednesday, 12 July.

Photo taken by Bart Lunenburg for the NADD.