Rapid advances in technology make it unrealistic to expect that each individual artist, museum and art academy constantly develop a sustainability plan for every new medium. This is work that can be outsourced to LIMA. The analog and digital artworks are conserved under optimal conditions. The tapes and discs are stored in climate-controlled spaces and the media files are stored on duplicate servers. The integrity of the equipment and files is regularly controlled ensuring that digitised and stored media in our electronic depot or e-depot remain available and accessible for future presentation.

The cost to store tapes is approximately € 30,- per year. The storage of data files on hard disk and LTO costs around € 0,15 per minute of material. The process of ingesting new work consists of loading the data, running a technical check, writing to the server in archive and display format (formatting the server for both display and archive) , and storing the media onto LTO. The one-time charge for this service is € 50,-.

Contact Storage: Wiel Seuskens

Storing the work in our e-depot ensures that the media artworks are accessible for research and available for screenings and exhibits now and into the future. LIMA provides all the necessary technical support. Facilitation of the loan request and the exhibit request application can be outsourced to LIMA. We consult the owner and exhibitor in order to provide the appropriate technical support including but not limited to the means of displaying the work. 

The administrative cost for loans, screenings and exhibition is € 25 per work. Generating and delivering the files and DVD’s costs € 25 per title exclusive of transitions costs (costs to migrate the data to other formats) and editing.

Contact Files: Kees Fopma