Preserving media artworks is synonymous with migration: the modification or rewriting of the source material in order to maintain and run the original work on a new platform. Digitization, along with documentation and consultation with the artist, is the only way to ensure that the works are preserved for the future.

Currently, video artworks can be digitised without loss in quality. LIMA advises cleaning the tapes first and then digitising them to an uncompressed AVI  file format for archival purposes: to MPEG2 format for presentation and to MPEG4 format for online presentation. This all happens after consulting with the artist. The creator often has a preserved version of the work shich surpasses the quality of the original. 

Videotapes can be digitised for: 

  • €3.85 per minute for uncompressed AVI
  • €5, - for AVI and presentation formats MPEG2 & MPEG4. 

For larger orders please consult Kees Fopma for a price quote.

Contact: Kees Fopma