Digital Care: Remko Scha

IAAA by Remko Scha

The Institute of Artificial Art Amsterdam (IAAA) established in the 1990s by Remko Scha is a project of a fictional organisation where machines, computers, algorithms, and humans work together toward the complete automation of art production. IAAA is led by the imaginary figure of Huge Harry, a speech robot also created by Remko Scha. The Institute was engaged in various areas such as visual art, design, architecture, music, performance, and art history.

Cultural Matter: Jonas Lund


Can contemporary art - and the production thereof - be optimized and automated? In 2013, the artist Jonas Lund made a solo exhibition based on this simple yet critical and challenging question. The Fear Of Missing Out, held at MAMA, Rotterdam, would become a landmark exhibition in which the algorithm played a leading role, a show that was of great influence on his later work. The works produced for The Fear Of Missing Out were not the direct result of Lund’s labour and ideas, but made by a computer algorithm written by him.

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