Researching sustainable media art

  • Digital Canon?!

    On 22 March, LIMA launched a Digital Canon (1960–2000) of the Netherlands. Experts from the field of digital culture selected twenty of the most prominent and influential works made on Dutch soil by artists who lived or worked here over a long period of time. The works and their makers are not all equally well known, yet this does not detract from their lasting influence on digital art and culture. Each of the works makes use of or responds to digital culture’s increasing impact on art and society. Discover these exceptional works of art on 

Research Agenda

LIMA is a leading international platform for research in preservation of media art. Researching the conservation of video, installation and performance art works have yielded already significant results. Our focus for the coming years is on digital art.

Sustainability Lab

Are you interested in media art from an artistic, technical or practical perspective? Our Sustainability lab is case studies based and bridges the gap between theory and practice. Propose a subject to investigate and work with an interdisciplinary team on the issues of sustainability and accessibility.

Advice and workshops

LIMA has a broad knowledge base that we would like to share with you. Come by for personal, expert advice designed to your needs, or sign up for one of our workshops. An overview of our activities can be found here.

Research Projects

Research leads to innovation and increases our capabilities. We therefore participate in research projects, lectures, presentations and organize workshops. An overview of our activities can be found here.

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Network and partners

LIMA conducts research in response to our own collection of media art and on issues surrounding the conservation and preservation of media art. We cannot however perform this task alone and therefore work willingly with national and international organisations. More information about our partners can be found here.