• Mediakunst.net: five decades of media art accessible online

    Discover the new online catalogue bringing together the media art collections of Frans Hals Museum, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Van Abbemuseum, the Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands and LIMA.

  • Artwork Documentation Tool

    Artwork Documentation tool
    The Artwork Documentation Tool is developed in order to support artists in archiving their own work. This tool is suitable for all artists working in the realm of born-digital art, in particular those building complex, software-based installations, and is the first tool of the project which is freely accessible through the LIMA website, see http://li-ma.nl/adt/.


LIMA manages an extensive collection of media art that we would like to make available to a large audience. Works on video, installations and websites are being seen at exhibitions and festivals thanks to our active distribution of the collection.


The storage, archiving and preservation of media art present some challenges that require a medium specific approach. LIMA is among the global pioneers in the field. We are committed to the preservation of media art and are constantly updating transitioning towards the most current techniques and technologies.

Preservation: Storage

Does your institution house a collection of digital or analogue works of media art? LIMA can preserve and sustain these works. Our conservation specialists store your born-digital material and ensure it can be exhibited now and in the future.


Media art struggles to stay ahead of obsolescence. Every day some bits of knowledge disappear and equipment and formats become obsolete. LIMA is continuously investigating new methods for the preservation and distribution of media art. In doing so, LIMA fulfills a key role in the field on both a national and international level.

About LIMA

Founded by experts from the former NIMk, LIMA is the international platform for sustainable access to media art. With knowledge and passion for both art and technology, these experts are insuring that video, digital and performance artworks can and will be presented now and in the future. Through (online) distribution of our own collection, we keep abreast of technical issues and advances. With our storage and digitisation services we are additionally able to provide support to museums, galleries and individual artists.


  • On this screening night three works from the LIMA ollection will be shown. All works are made by artist duos who, at the time of making these films, were partners in art and life: Ulay & Marina Abramović, Broersen & Lukács and Brian D...Read more
  • LIMA is proud to present the last edition of the Cultural Matter series after the summer break with American artist Petra Cortright. More information on the events, the exhibition, the artist and the speakers will follow soon. Keep an eye on the...Read more
  • In 2017 LIMA launched the new public programme Cultural Matter as a platform for discussing an exhibiting works by leading artists in digital art. The artworks form the starting point for the exhibitions and the additional public programme in which...Read more
  • While summer is in full swing in Amsterdam, we find ourselves reaming of soft sea breezes and rippling waves moving back and forth over the sand, just like in the Stansfield / Hooykaas video Flying Time (Beach) from 1982. LIMA will have a short...Read more
  • The Digital Mass Ornament: ARTIST TALK AND FILM SCREENING NATALIE BOOKCHIN 28 June, 19.00-21.00, Lab 111 On June 28 the internationally acclaimed American artist Natalie Bookchin will give a talk about her work, followed by a screening of her latest...Read more
  • Performances, books and screens. Wednesday, July 4, 6.30 PM. perform doc​ in conversation with Gaby Wijers (LIMA), Gabriella Giannachi, Katja Kwastek, Annet Dekker, and Nell Donkers.Read more


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